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Employee Steven C.  participated in the removal of gummy valves on a gummy heart at Touch the Moon on 2/15/19.  Touch the Moon!  The “Candy Doctor”!  Our candy will cure your ills! We have the best, strangest candy in town!

Goodbye Sweetheart Candies?

courtesy The Jambar Questions, voices and eyebrows have been raised about the Sweetheart candies this year. The heart-shaped candies may not be saying goodbye forever, but for now, they will remain scarce or unavailable.  According to the National Public Radio, the heart-shaped candies with messages such as “Be Mine,” “Kiss Me” and “Be Happy” will not be […]

Purple Cat Honey Now Available

Direct from our very own Golden String Bee Apiary comes Purple Cat Honey. Why is it good to eat LOCAL honey? Bees that jump from one flower to the next end up covered in pollen spores, which are then transferred to their honey. Just a spoonful a day can help build up immunity through gradual […]

Meet Shags!

If you have ever been to Downtown Youngstown and have visited Touch the Moon Candy Saloon, then you have met either Polly or Jim (Shags if you’re a regular). Polly and Shags have been long time employees of the candy store. Shags started working back in 2006 for the company. He was taking photos for […]

Ale-8-One: A Late One

Ale-8-One, aka Ale-8 is the ginger ale with a “kick”, distributed primarily in Kentucky. It is bottled by the Ale-8- One Bottling Company, a family-owned enterprise in the small town of Winchester, Kentucky, where the beverage is especially popular. However, the Ale-8- One Bottling Company expanded its distribution to areas of southern Ohio and southern Indiana […]

Claudia Calls It Quits

This is Claudia Cadwallader. June 19th was a very important date for her, not only because it was her 70th birthday, but because that was the day she chose to retire from working at the candy store. “I want to keep going to the Purple Cat and help out over there with crafts and paper […]

Welcome Darlene!

Touch the Moon Candy Saloon would like to Welcome our new employee, Darlene Anderson! Darlene is from Pennsylvania and attends Purple Cat Productions located in downtown Youngstown at The Morley Theater. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, painting, crocheting and taking care of her dog named Tiger. Darlene will not only work her shift […]

2016 Beards & Burgers Festival

On the weekend of June 3rd Golden String participated in it’s second year of the Beards and Burgers festival in downtown Youngstown. Yet another rousing success! The Bearding community showed up in full force to take part in competitions. There were carnival games made at the Dave Kellogg Woodshop, trophies made by our crew at […]

February Candy Spotlight: Farts!

Farts Candy are flavorful chewy candy nuggets in 16 fruity and sours flavors the name alone will make you laugh, it’s also a great tasting candy that brings fun back! The Leaf brand has been around since the 1920’s they have made a comeback winning The Most Innovative Product Award at the 2014 Sweets & […]

September Candy Spotlight: 100 Grand Bar

In the late 1950’s the hottest programs on TV were quiz shows like “The $64,000 Question,” “Twenty-One,” and “The Big Surprise.” On the “Big Surprise” the contestant chose a subject area and was asked to answer ten Questions ranging in value from $100 to $100,000. The program sparked the idea for a new Nestle’ product, […]