Touch the Moon Storefront


The Touch the Moon Candy Saloon was founded in 2005 to support the Purple Cat and it’s adults with disabilities. The main reason for its creation was to provide viable employment for adults with developmental disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, and traumatic brain injury. A secondary reason was to provide another business to the struggling downtown area of Youngstown, Ohio. Located just two doors away from Youngstown’s City Hall, Touch the Moon Candy Saloon is proud to make its home in the heart of Youngstown. A second location for Touch the Moon Candy Saloon also exists during events at the Covelli Center (through a partnership with Golden String Inc.).

Touch the Moon Candy Saloon specializes in retro candies and regional candies that are difficult to find elsewhere. Touch the Moon also carries the Purple Cat Hot Pepper Jellies and gifts and cards made and designed by adults with disabilities. Gourmet coffees, Velvet brand Ice Creams (try the pumpkin and Moose Tracks!) and draught Frostop Rootbeer (try a float with Velvet French Vanilla) make it a popular downtown destination.

Hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30-5:30 and Saturdays, 11:00-4:00.

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